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Description about “Restriction” name and “Traffic Light” (Restriction in use)

Restriction indicates any usage restrictions about an Open Source Software (OSS) or its license in your usage. There may be multiple restrictions in a single OSS or license.

Restriction Name Description LEVEL Traffic Light
(Restriction in use)
Non-Commercial Use Not allowed for commercial use
Cannot use the complimentary software from the publishing corp.
5 Red
Internal Use Only Allowed only for internal use in your organization 4 Red
No Charge Prohibit its own sale or does not request cost payment in its direct usage
(Possible to use in a complimentary software provided from a corp.)
3 Yellow
No Modification Prohibits modification 2 Yellow
No Change the Name Prohibits changing the name 1 Green
Platform Limitation Can be used only on specific platforms 2 Yellow
Purpose Restriction Restricts use for a specific purpose 2 Yellow
Specification Restriction Restricts use related to specific specifications or standards 2 Yellow
Redistribution Restriction Restricts subcomponents of software that can be redistributed
(source code, binary files, etc.)
2 Yellow
Contract Required Require a separate contract 5 Red
Provide Installation Information Required Has a duty to provide its installation information 4 Red
Patent Warning Possibility under a patent dispution 4 Red
Network Triggered Must comply the obligations even using as a network server
ex. AGPL-3.0
3 Yellow
Semi-Copyleft Restrictions can be nullified by disclosing the code
even though there are various kinds of requirements
according to Copyright holder’s requests and a type of distribution.
3 Yellow
  • Level: Indicates severity between 1 to 5, according to a degree of attention needed in your commercial usage.
  • Traffic Light (Restriction in use): Straightforward display in red, yellow, or green colors according to Level.
    • 1: Green
    • 2-3: Yellow
    • 4-5: Red

Definition of entities in “License” data table

  • Name: Name of the given License (full name if it’s SPDX License)
  • nicknameList: List of alternative names indicating the given License
  • spdx_identifier: Identifier from
  • license_text: Original text of the given License
  • osi_approval: Whether the License has been approved by OSI (
  • description: Description about the given License (in English)
  • description_ko: Description about the given License (in Korean)
  • obligation_disclosing_src: Scope of source code disclosure in its distribution
Category Scope of disclosure and its example
NONE No obligation to disclose
ORIGINAL Original open source
FILE Source code in a unit of file
MODULE Source code in a unit of module
LIBRARY Source code in a unit of library
DERIVATIVE WORK A scope of derivative works legally
EXECUTABLE Source code in a composition of executable file
DATA Data itself
SOFTWARE USING THIS All the other software that use the given open source
UNSPECIFIED Disclosure is required, but its scope is unclear
  • obligation_notification: Obligation of notification in distribution
    • false: Obligation of notification is not existed.
    • true: Obligation of notification is existed.
  • webpage: Representative web link for the given License
  • webpageList: Additional web links aside from “webpage” above for the given License
  • restrictionList: Constraints condition

Definition of entities in “OSS” data table

  • name: Name of the given OSS
    • It is the same as in purl (
  • nicknameList: List of alternative names indicating the given OSS
  • homepage: Homepage of the given OSS
  • download_location: Representative link to download the given OSS
  • purl: Package URL (purl) representing the representative link to the given OSS (
  • downloadLocationList: Additional links to download the given OSS
  • purlList : List of Package URLs corresponding to downloadLocationList
  • description: Summary description of the given OSS
  • compliance_notice: Summary description of the given OSS in terms of compliance in English
    (Additional info. regarding compliance which is not described in Restriction)
  • compliance_notice_ko: Summary description of the given OSS in terms of compliance in Korean
    (Additional info. regarding compliance which is not described in Restriction)
  • version_license_diff: True if its license is different according to the release version.
  • attribution: Matters requiring separate notification
  • publisher: Distributor or owner (personel or organization)
  • oss_version: Information per a version of the given OSS
    • version: Version number
    • description: Summary explanation per version (in English)
    • description_ko: Summary explanation per version (in Korean)
    • license_combination: Logical relationship of dual or multiple licenses indicated in declaredLicenseList (possible values: AND, OR, null)
    • declaredLicenseList: Representative license of the given OSS
    • detectedLicenseList: Additional licenses detected aside from declaredLicense in the given OSS
    • restrictionList: Constraints
    • release_date: Release date

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